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Our process

At Alchemy, we take the time to get to know you. We'll sit down for an initial conversation and transform your vision into a fully operational business; producing a successful application that is undeniably your own.

From marketing strategy to user research, wireframing to full stack development - our overall approach is iterative and incremental. This allows us to continuously re-evaluate and realign, and deliver a final product that exceeds expectations.

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01 / 08

User based research

We take the time to understand your demographic. We immediately look to your end user to analyze habits and understand their unique trends. This allows us to construct your product for wide spread and long term adoption.

02 / 08


Once we understand your users' needs, we formulate a deliverable list for your mobile application. These items will fulfill the needs and trends uncovered in research; all while maintaining your original mission and vision.

03 / 08

Producing deliverables

During this phase, we set out to complete the previously set deliverables. We assemble wireframes, colour and shape appealing user interfaces, and we refine the overall user experience based on research and ideation.

04 / 08

User Fit and Product Research

In this phase we perform early tests. This helps us understand our current product; how effective it will be for the consumer, and where improvements can be made.

05 / 08

Development Analysis

Here we update our plans and deliverables based on the findings in the previous stage. We'll offer an overview of the project to this point, and a precise estimate of the total development costs.

06 / 08

Software Development

We want to create the most useful, memorable, mobile application for your customer. This stage sees in-depth research, user analysis, prototyping, building and revisions all going into the construction of an incredible final application. One that fully reflects your vision, and aligns with user experience and habits.

07 / 08


This ongoing phase occurs in parallel with app development. Continuous testing guarantees the product meets the high quality standards of Alchemy. It also ensures the product is being developed as outlined in previous steps.

08 / 08

Maintain your App, Build your Busines

We don’t stop there. Mobile applications require constant updates and technical support. Once the app is complete we’ll maintain it, exactly the way you need it; so you can focus on running your business

Alchemy process stock photo
Alchemy process stock photo
Alchemy process stock photo